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Specializing in Dental Implants with Sedation Dentistry to help you relax.
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The South Orlando Dental Implant Center is dedicated to improving the lives of patients in and around the Orlando area by providing, among other dental services, dental implants, the popular “All-on-Four” dental implants treatment, single implants, bone grafting, and wisdom teeth removal.

Further, our dentists are fully trained to administer Sedation Dentistry – which some call “Sleep Dentistry” – to enable patients who may have a low pain threshold, very sensitive teeth, a gag reflex, or moderate-to-severe anxiety the ability to undergo more advanced procedures for teeth and gum health.

Whether you’d like to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or full upper and lower arches, the dentists at South Orlando Dental Implant Center can offer you a world class-level of expertise and compassionate care.

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